Saturday, April 28, 2018

Graturday - Thankful for My Awesome Wife

In our lives, we have a series of increasingly important objectives. At the lowest level are simple things that do not matter in the grand scheme of things, like getting a blog post out every day or going up a level in a game. Then there are higher level objectives, like completing a task for work or maintaining a health regiment. Finally, there are the highest level objectives such as raising healthy and happy children and nourishing your marriage.

If your life is in good balance, your lower level objectives will not detract from and may even benefit your most important objectives. That work task may allow you to get to a better career position allowing for more money or schedule flexibility to spend with your family.

The higher objectives are often more theoretical while the lower objectives are often more tangible. It is easy to know if I have written my article for the day. It is harder to know if I have invested enough time and energy in my family.

That is why I believe that this Graturday (Saturday Gratitude) exercise is so important. It allows me to refocus each week on that which is truly important.

So, today, I am thankful for my wife Amy and her patience with me. She does a great deal to support me, and I do not always appreciate that enough, and so I am doing so right here and now. She has been there for me in good times, and she has been there for me when I have done some dumb things.

There are many qualities a wife can have, but loyalty is the most important. The fact that I know I can trust her no matter what means more to mean than anything else. When you know that your wife it beside you, it becomes much easier to face whatever comes before you.

Thank you Amy Whitehouse for being the best wife ever.

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