Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Did You Change That?

I am wrong quite often.

So are you.

So is everyone.

There is no one on God's green Earth who does not make mistakes. As my grandfather says, that's why we put erasers on the end of pencils.

Still quite popular.
That's also why, if you are obsessive enough to download copies of my articles and compare them from day to day, you may see that changes are made after they are posted. The purpose of any article that I write is to share information and opinions. Sometimes, I discover, based on feedback, that the wording of the article did not accurately express the sentiment I was trying to make. Other times I will be corrected a by a reader on a particular point of fact.

In either case, I will correct the article. Why would I want to leave something inaccurate and unclear on my blog?

I have heard that there is actually someone out there who is so obsessed with me that she is recording every initial draft that I post and reposting it to her own site. I've heard that there have been copying errors and some of the drafts are missing portions. I guess we all make mistakes.

I'm flattered that someone is so interested in my writing that she wants to make sure that the earliest, rawest form of my work is preserved. I happen to be more interested in the more refined final product that results to adding the excellent advice from my readers than initial uncorrected drafts, but everyone has their own preferences.

Just to make a point, I published
this article, then edited it to ad
the pictures.
Some articles have had minor changes, and others, which are more foundational for future articles have had major rewrites since they were first posted.

The wonderful thing about blogging is that it allows such interaction between the writer and the reader. I can draft an article, share it with my proof readers for their feedback and make corrections, then I share it with the public and get their feedback, and make more corrections. With each comment and correction, the work becomes better, clearer, more accurate.

If you have feedback on anything you see here, please do share it with me at feedback@michaelwhitehouse.org.

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