Saturday, April 21, 2018

A Trip to Westerly

I feel that at least one day a week should be dedicated to positive and fun things, so on this blog, I'm going to do Gratitude Saturday, or Graturday!

Today, I'd like to talk about how grateful I am that I was able to take a lovely trip to nearby Westerly yesterday evening with my lovely wife.

The sea respects our daughter.
There is a new business called Inneractive in Westerly, which is an awesome activity place for kids. I discovered it as I do most new businesses, in relation to work. Actually, I was introduced to the owner by Melissa Murray of the Dorian J Murray Foundation at a BNI event, and I went to meet with her. After I saw the space, I decided that my daughter would love it, so I brought her there earlier this week.

It was then that we heard about their Royal Slumber Party event with performing princesses and movies and, most excitingly, we could drop her off and pick her up a few hours later. That gave me and my wife something we had not had in quite some time: adult time!

We decided to spend this grown up time in Downtown Westerly. As soon as we stepped out of the car, we ran into Adam Mercer, one of the owners of The Tapped Apple, and apple winery downtown. (It's wine made from apples instead of grapes: no histamines, less hangover, better flavor). He suggested we visit Perks and Corks for a gourmet grilled cheese, then some wine, and a gelato from Pompelmo Gelateria. We were also hoping to visit Flip Side, the pinball bar, but we ran out of time.

That's a bit more than what I think of
when I think "grilled cheese."
It was a really fun evening. One thing that I always appreciate about Westerly is that it has such a strong sense of community. When you go downtown, you get the feeling that you are visiting a community of businesses, not just a bunch of businesses that happen to share a street. Business owners refer you to their neighbors. Not only, that, but many, like Adam, chat with you like an old friend.

The other appeal is that variety of engaging and unique businesses: an apple winery, a pinball bar, a coffeeshop/bar, a two story bookshop, soon a theater, and I've heard that a comedy club is opening up soon. Not to mention the historic library and the very impressive Wilcox Park that the library owns.

Anyone looking for a great example of a town with a well established sense of place could do quite well to look to Westerly for inspiration.

It was a fantastic evening, and with all that is going on here, there, and everywhere, it is good to take a moment to stop and appreciate the simple, good things.

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