About Michael

Prior to his current work, he has taught people with special needs to drive, sold everything from printing to automobiles, and ran his own game store. Today, Michael offers his varied skills to those who might use them.

Among my skills are social media, marketing, sales consulting, and switching between the third and first person in biographies. I work with many clients including a number of a convention event planning groups and other organizations.

I particularly specialize in using my sales and marketing skills to support creative people, including artists, game designers, convention planners, and writers. Many people make fantastic products but need someone to bring that product the final step to the market, and I provide that guidance.

Additionally, I design a game called ConCardia which runs at various conventions around the Northeast. More information can be found at www.concardia.info.

You can contact Michael at feedback@michaelwhitehouse.org or call 413-218-7946.