About Michael

What do you want? That seems like a pretty simple question, but it is not so simple as you think. Often, what we think we want is actually what we have been told that we should want.

As a coach, the first thing I do for a client is help them to get clarity on their values and their goals. Only then can we talk about strategy, plans, techniques, and anything else.

Learn more about my coaching here.

In addition to my coaching work, I also run a conference called Conference21 which is virtual community, bringing together a diverse group of people to share ideas, teach, and learn.

This page is my occasionally updated personal blog. Apparently the SEO on it is fantastic because it's getting traffic even though I'm not actively building it.

Learn more about my various endeavors at www.guywhoknowsaguy.com.

You can contact Michael at feedback@michaelwhitehouse.org or call 413-218-7946.