Thursday, March 24, 2011

What is Exciting?

What makes something exciting? Some people get very excited about new babies. Others get very excited about sporting events. Today, I am very excited about two things. First, I am excited because we have interviewed a great group of new people who could do fantastic things for our team. Second, I am excited because our Western Massachusetts team will be heading out to the Pittsfield area this weekend to see union members who need service.

This trip to Pittsfield will be intense. There are hundreds of people to see and only 5 agents, so we will be working long and hard to see as many people as we can. Some people would look at this and just see a whole lot of miserable, hard work. I think about it and feel like I'm preparing to perform on Broadway.

You see, I don't really get excited about babies. (I pretend to so as to seem more normal, but they don't do much for me.) I enjoy sports sometimes, but I don't get too excited about that either.

What does excite me is the chance for something awesome. When I saw "awesome", I mean it in the traditional sense: causing of awe. This group of people we have seen this week may well be awesome. This weekend, cramming about a week's worth of appointments into three days will be awesome. We will be focused like we've never been focused before. There are no groceries to shop for; no bills to pay; no friends to call back. We will have one mission and one mission only: three solid days of excellence serving our members.

Three days of excellence. That is exciting.

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