Monday, July 19, 2010

The Law of Attraction

A friend on Twitter asked for links for an introduction to a 101 type post on the Law of Attraction. No one posted a reply, so, like I do, I made one, and here it is.

The Law of Attraction was popularized by a movie, and subsequent book, called The Secret. The Secret specified three steps in the Law: Ask, Believe, Receive. First you ask the Universe for what you want, then you believe that you can attain it and act as if it is already true, then you prepare yourself to receive it into your life.

This was a concept that I held to before I had heard of the Law of Attraction. I believe that what you can believe, you can achieve, and I have seen it happen, both for me and for others. This is similar to principles of "positive thinking", "visualization", and other concepts of positive projection.

You may be thinking, "Michael, that sounds like a lot of voodoo mojo hoohaa molarky! Think of what you want and it will appear. I'm thinking of a million dollars, but I ain't seeing it appear!"

Indeed, the Law of Attraction is not just a matter of sitting on your couch and thinking really hard about what you want. It is about thinking about what you want and how it will come to you. For example, you don't just think I want a lot of money, you think more specifically, "I want clients who will need my services and will pay what I am worth". You act in a way that supports your thoughts. You network, advertise, get your name out, and then the belief comes in.

What makes this work? There are three good explanations I can think of: metaphysical, charismatic, and psychological.

Metaphysical Explanation
There is a force at work in the universe. It surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the galaxy together. (Sounds like a good plot for a movie.) Some people see this force as God. Others see it as a natural force. Either way, one puts thoughts out to the force and the thoughts manifest as reality.

I am inclined to believe this because, at times, I have visualized, very specifically what I sought. Within a few weeks, exactly what I sought would be presented to me. I had to be alert to notice it and seize it, but it was there, precisely as I had specified.

For some who are more spiritually inclined, this resonates with them. For others, this might sound like a lot of superstition, so let us consider two other explanations.

Charismatic Explanation
If you believe, I mean really believe, that things will work out as you want them to, then you put a lot of confidence across over the desk to the person you are talking to. They will look at you and say, "I don't know what this guy's got, but I want some. Maybe if I hang out near him, some will rub off on me!" People like to be near that kind of confidence, and one who really practices the Law of Attraction will have that kind of confidence.

Psychological Explanation
A common motivational question is, "what could you do if you knew you could not fail?" The Law of Attraction has that effect. If you believe that clients are coming to you, you will not hesitate to approach a new client. What would you be afraid of? Rejection? Ridiculous, you have asked the Universe for new clients, and now you are acting out the belief that this request will be fulfilled. What if the prospective client turns you down? No big deal. The new clients are there, just not right here, right this minute.

The conviction that you will succeed also means that you will seize opportunities as they present themselves. When you hear opportunity knock, you will answer because you know that success is on order, and you want to be there when it is delivered.

This is, of course, just a quick overview of the basic concepts of the Law of Attraction. You can find more information on the Wikipedia article about it. I am certainly no expert on the Law of Attraction specifically, but I have had many occasions in my life where my thoughts became form, sometimes without any particular action, so I am a believer. Whether you believe in all this mumbo jumbo or not, the power of visualizing what you desire, is certainly real. Just remember what Henry Ford said, "Whether you believe you can or believe you cannot, you are right."

Now, visualize going out into the world and having meaningful interactions with people, then go and actualize your vision!



  1. If I do not get something I want, I assume I must not have really wanted it bad enough.

  2. Micheal, this is just what I asked for on Twitter! It's perfect! Thanks so much for writing this.

    I'm a big believer in Law of Attraction mainly because it works for me. I have found that people who want to believe in it but who say it doesn't work for them are not applying critical pieces of it.

    Thank you for articulating the 3 critical pieces: Ask, Believe (visualize it and act as if it's happening), and Receive.

    I want to highlight the part about Receiving. It's more active than it sounds. You have to stay tuned in and notice when it's right in front of you, or notice the signs pointing which way to go. You have to choose to follow the signs! You have to say YES, despite your fears. I can't tell you how many people let all these opportunities go by.

    You are right that it ain't about sittin' on the couch!

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