Friday, April 13, 2018

How Could You Not Have Known?

There is an XKCD comic in which he discussed the fact that at birth no one knows anything, so for any given thing that there is to know, there must have been a moment when a person learned it.

One question I get somewhat often is how could I not have known about the allegations about Jeff Mach. My answer to this quite often is "Did you tell me about them? Neither did anyone else."

One person told me this week that all kinds of performers, vendors, and patrons knew about them and spoke of them in hushed terms, but that anyone who tried to speak out was blackballed.

Obviously, not one of these performers, vendors, or patrons mentioned a word to myself or Amy. Did other staff know? I am not privy to their inner thoughts and secret minds, so I cannot answer that question. The one thing I can tell you is that I did not know and Amy did not know. People didn't walk up to the merch table and say "I'll take a large t-shirt, and did you hear about this allegation that's going around that people are being kicked out for talking about?"

Some have then suggested that I learned about them before we had our meeting. But this is not entirely accurate. First, I learned that there was a concerted effort to destroy Jeff and his company. I then, subsequently, learned that the same people who had previously publicly declared their desire to see Jeff Mach brought low were promulgating allegations against him. Not exactly an unbiased source. And even then the very first time I heard it was that Tuesday.

Apparently there were also posts on another social media site which I no longer use, and thus would not see. Obviously, I did not see the posts on the site that I did not use unless someone directed my attention to them, which they did not until all this began.

From that moment forward, everything was entirely reaction. There was an event to run in a week, and the company was in crisis. The focus was on running the event while trying to separate rumors, truth, and outright lies. It was a very challenging time.

To those who ask how I could not have known, I ask you this: How could you not know that we were unaware? And if you say you had no way to know, then you might understand our situation.

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  1. I didn't know. I have from time to time advised Jeff or his teams. I worked with one of his associates for three years and he is a great person and did not know. A lot of us in the community did not know who were like hybrid one foot in and out the door. When I tried to make arguments like this on occasion someone would get testy and try to bully me and one person who was guilty of soliciting the non sexual issues complained about tried to throw me under the bus as we used to be close friends and I hated his bully mentality. Again, I am just reading and learning what I can. I need this perspective to make as fair a determination of where I stand.

    Again I stand with any victim. I will demand answers. I may even stay away from what he is attached to. BUT I will not give grab pitchforks and torches. At least not until I hear out the other side. Doesn't mean I didn't bring it just in case.

    As a minority who has a cultural history in America where all it takes is for X father not of my color to say "He did this to my daughter!" And I am more likely to be hung from a tree and burned than to see a court not of my peers, who then have me hung and electrocuted, it makes me desire more fairness even in the foulest of accusations. As a man I distinctly understand the accusations made. And I know my maleness has built in privilege. But unfortunately I am not typical male with shared culture at least in this country. Where my people are from it is very well known that what is between my legs grants me more power than the opposite sex. And often the victim is blamed. That is wrong. But the axe should not swing both ways. I get it... But... I will reserve still further feelings on how I feel about your perspective on this.

    Maybe you are a scum sucking defender of villainy and abusiveness. Maybe I am too. Maybe that guy standing next to you at Starbuck's is. But... I cannot just label you as such because you did not decide to agree with my solution be it join the picket line or stand by your man.

    This was not a binary affair between two parties. An entire community was sucked into a movement which was centered all on one person. Maybe this should have stopped being so much so early on to avoid this.